Report is critical of Severn Vale Housing Society

Gloucestershire-based Severn Vale Housing Society (SVHS) has "more weaknesses than strengths", an Audit Commission report has said.

SVHS said the inspectors' views would help the society work harder to meet best practice.

It said it recognised the report as a "positive learning experience".

The report looked at how SVHS improves tenants' homes, responds to complaints and involves tenants in the design and delivery of services.

Kieran Colgan from the Audit Commission said the inspection and report identified poor services in the areas it examined.

"The association needs to move decisively to improve services to the standard that its tenants expect and deserve," he said.

'Number of strengths'

The report added that while satisfaction with services was "above average" and tenants were "generally satisfied" with home improvements, there were a number of improvements that could be made.

It said SVHS should strengthen the focus on customer care, develop a better understanding of what tenants need and want, and provide support and training to help tenants become more involved.

SVHS spokeswoman Jane Thorndale said although the inspectors recognised a number of strengths in its services, the report would help it work harder to make services more accessible and meet best practice.

"We look forward to working with residents to develop a detailed improvement plan that will deliver the services they want through agreeing local standards," she added.

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