Chocolate helps Cotswold District Council's budget

A council in Gloucestershire has given staff chocolates as a reward for turning their computer monitors off.

Cotswold District Council said the move was part of an economy drive to help cut costs and reduce the council's carbon footprint.

Council spokeswoman Kirsty Merritt said the authority had 300 computers and switching them off at night would save about £3,000 per year.

"We spent £50 on some chocolates... so it was very cost effective," she said.

The treat-sized bars were left on the desks of those who had shut their computer down properly and switched their monitors off.

Ms Merritt said the incentive also contributed to the council's policy to cut carbon emissions at the same time.

"We just wanted to do a 'thank you' gesture to the people who were making the efforts and to highlight to the others what the potential saving was.

"It's not an ongoing situation and it only happened twice," she said.

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