Chinook makes emergency landing on Quedgley farmland

An RAF Chinook helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing on farmland in Gloucestershire after it was hit by a bird.

The crew spent an hour making sure it was safe to fly after the large bird hit just above a cockpit window.

Clive and Gillian Sheppard, who live close to the field where the Chinook landed near Quedgley, said they heard lots of noise and went to investigate.

The helicopter landed at about 1500 BST on Friday.

Mrs Sheppard said: "We've seen Chinooks flying overhead before - but not that low.

"You could see birds in the sky and another chap who was there thought a bird had hit the engine.

'Precautionary landing'

"There were two helicopters. One landed in the field and the other circled in the air to make sure it was OK. It's not something you see every day."

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: "Two RAF Chinook helicopters were undertaking a low level formation training sortie in the Gloucester area on Friday 30 July.

"One aircraft hit a single large bird just above the pilot's window on the canopy. The aircraft made a precautionary landing in a nearby farmer's field to enable the crew to inspect for damage.

"No damage was found and the aircraft made a safe return to its home base at RAF Odiham in Hampshire".

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