Court orders Gloucester travellers to move on

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The group moved on to the fenced-off field on Saturday

Travellers camped on a school playing field in Gloucester have been ordered to move on.

About 15 caravans were moved on to private property at the High School for Girls, in Kingsholm, on Saturday.

The land is owned by the Gloucester United Schools Charity and the travellers have been served with a notice of court proceedings.

A city council council spokesman said residents were "frustrated" travellers could "set up where they wanted".

He added: "The travellers come along and break in to whatever land they feel like and often leave the place in a mess.

"They [residents] feel the travellers don't live by the same rules the rest of us have to.

"That's where the frustration comes in."

Martin Cambridge, a former traveller liaison officer for Gloucestershire, said councils have known for the past 15 years that there was a need to provide facilities for travellers in the county.

He said: "They know that they need to provide at least six sites, not permanent ones but ones that can be used for a temporary stopover or a transit site for up to 15 nights' stay."

If the travellers have not complied with the order by Monday the court could order they be evicted by force.

There are four council-run residential sites in Gloucestershire but no temporary facilities or transit sites in the county.

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