No more unexploded shells found in Cockleford

Image caption, Adam Miles was trying to move stones with a pick axe when he came across the bomb

Bomb disposal experts have finished searching an area of Gloucestershire after two unexploded shells were found near a pub.

The devices, thought to be World War II bombs, were discovered on Thursday near the Green Dragon Inn at Cockleford.

They were both detonated in controlled explosions.

A bomb disposal team spokesman said the search had ended and no other shells had been found.

Highways contractor Adam Miles was trying to move stones under the bridge with a pick axe when he came across one of the bombs.

"I hit something metal so I tried to get it out of the bottom of the river," he said.

"I thought it was a boat propeller so I lifted it up out of the river and I realised there was a bomb attached to the bottom of it."

'Could have exploded'

Image caption, The World War II mortar was detonated after it was found in the river

But in his rush to escape the World War II mortar, he dropped it.

Mr Miles said: "It could have exploded as I dropped it on the head which is where you're supposed to make it detonate, and I hit it several times with a pick axe which isn't good either.

"I'm relieved to still be here."

The pub and nearby houses were evacuated as a precaution until after the bombs had been disposed of.

Several roads leading to the pub were closed during the incident.

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