Bin collection policy in Gloucester 'over-zealous'

Image caption, The council wants to encourage more recycling

Extra rubbish collections have taken part in Gloucester in an attempt to clear bin bags left on the streets.

In an attempt to increase recycling wheeled bins that would not shut properly were not collected.

Gloucester City Council said a few collection crews had been "over-zealous" in adhering to policy.

Contractor Enterprise Waste Management said it "regretted any instance of non collection" and crews should ensure a "consistent approach to collections".

'Situation monitored'

The closed lid policy has been running for six years in the city without any problems.

The council spokesman added: "We like to make sure the lids are closed because that is a good way of encouraging waste to be separated and sorted into the right container.

"I think what has happened is that a couple of crews have been a little over-zealous in adhering to the policy more rigidly than we would normally encourage them to do."

Gloucestershire Police said it continued to monitor the situation closely following allegations of threats against some of the collection crews.

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