Anti-social behaviour targeted in Cheltenham

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Police say action is being taken to address anti-social behaviour in the St Pauls area of Cheltenham by children as young as eight.

Residents have said problems range from door-knocking late at night to shouting and damaging cars.

Councillor John Walklett said the council was working with police to address the issue.

Gloucestershire Police said it had seen a "noticeable decline" in calls since extra officers had been in the area.

Concern raised

"We have been running Operation Jet since May... obviously the fact that we are experiencing kids out on the streets - very young children - is a concern to us.

"We will be working hard to address the problem with the parents and with the other agencies in the area," he added.

Cheltenham Borough Council said it was aware of groups of young children on the streets.

Mr Walklett added: "This is a problem and one that has been around for a while.

"My perspective is that in any community it doesn't take many [groups of children] to cause a problem.

"[And] it doesn't take much lack of parenting to cause a problem that results in behaviour by kids of this age."

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