Man badly injured in park robbery

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Mr Fellowes' watch, debit card and keys were stolen

A bus driver has been left badly injured after he was robbed in a Gloucester park.

Terence Fellowes, 63, agreed for photographs of his injuries to be published in the hope of catching his two attackers.

He was approached by the two youths as he walked along the footpath between Trier Way and Spa Road at the back of Gloucester City Winget Cricket Club.

Police want to hear from anyone who saw the robbery at 1845 GMT on Sunday.

Mr Fellowes, from the Linden area of the city, said: "I heard a couple of footsteps and before I could do anything one had me in an arm lock around my neck and the other came around the front punching me in the face.

"I said 'if you let me go you can have everything I've got on me', but they wouldn't let me go and kept punching me."

They stole his watch, debit card and keys, and were eventually disturbed by a passerby who came to Mr Fellowes' aid.

'Unprovoked attack'

He was taken to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital with substantial injuries to his face.

Mr Fellowes said: "All my face is distorted and swollen up, my eye's closed and quite a mess.

"I'm off work waiting for my face to go down. They think I could have broken my nose, but they can't tell at the moment because there's too much swelling."

Pc Emma Woodward said: "This was a violent unprovoked attack on an innocent member of the public and it is being taken incredibly seriously."

Both offenders were described as white and around 17-years-old. One is believed to be about 5ft 6in tall and the other around 5ft 11in.

Both were wearing dark hooded tops, one with light coloured trousers and the other with dark coloured trousers.

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