Gloucestershire County Council examines bus subsidies


Bus subsidies of up to £45 per return journey in parts of Gloucestershire are "totally unsustainable," the county council has said.

The council wants to save £2m from its transport budget and said it would be examining all routes it subsidises.

"It doesn't mean highest will be cut... but we're looking to reduce the financial burden to the taxpayer," a county council spokesman said.

The council is also asking what people think of county bus services.

"People attending drop-in consultations on concessionary bus fares have already given us a lot of feedback on bus services and this will be added to future feedback we collect.

"Continuing to provide services in this way is not making effective use of public funds and is totally unsustainable.

"In future, council-run services will focus on getting people to employment, education and to vital facilities like doctors' surgeries and hospitals.

"Community transport funding will be prioritised, so in some areas subsidised bus services are not viable.

"Minibuses and volunteer car schemes will help fill that gap," he added.

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