Northway residents complain of blocked drains

Residents in Tewkesbury have blamed a water company for their frequent blocked drains.

Homeowners in Sinderberry Drive, Northway, said 22 drains had become blocked in the past 16 years.

Some have accused Severn Trent Water of providing an inadequate sewage system for the 30-year-old housing development.

But the water company said the majority of blockages were caused by inappropriate items being flushed away.

Resident, Jean Brattingham, 79 said: "Suddenly you're aware that the toilet is filling up and not flushing properly and it smells and is most unpleasant.

'Perfect order'

"Then I go out and lift the manhole cover and that's full-up with sewage and the smell seems to come up the pipes into the kitchen which is not very hygienic. It should all flow properly."

The residents said the water company and housing developers should have ensured drainage systems were adequate before building the 30-year-old development.

Sarah-Jayne O'Kane, from Severn Trent Water, said residents needed to be aware that drains were only a few centimetres wide and could be 100 years-old, but if used correctly they would be "working in perfect order".

She added: "The developers themselves are the ones that are responsible for sizing the sewers.

"They can come to Severn Trent and we will model the systems and work out what size of drains are needed. But there's not a lot we can do about it."

Earlier in the week the water company ranked Gloucester, 15 miles (24km) away, the 14th worst area for blockages out of 329 drainage areas, with the company clearing 172 blockages in the past 12 months.

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