Dog mess to be spray-painted orange by council

Pink dog poo
Image caption A similar scheme last year saw West Dunbartonshire Council paint dog mess bright pink

A Gloucestershire council is to spray-paint dog mess bright orange in a bid to shock irresponsible owners into changing their bad habits.

Forest of Dean District Council's street wardens have been patrolling the areas of Clays Road, Meadow Walk and Marsh Hill.

It is part of a county-wide campaign to crack down on dog fouling.

Team leader, Nick Brain said he was "astounded" by how much dog mess was being left behind by dog walkers.

"Dog fouling can lead to an infection called toxocariasis if it enters the human system and children are most at risk of this disease," he added.

Witness statement

"We can fully understand the frustration of local residents with this problem.

"Extra signage was also put up in the area explaining that the offence of not picking up after their dogs can result in a fixed penalty of £80."

Residents are also being asked to contact their parish or town councils if they feel they need dog bins.

Meanwhile in Tewkesbury, local people are being encouraged to report irresponsible pet owners to the authorities.

The borough council and Gloucestershire Police have received complaints about dog mess in recent months.

There is no dog warden in the town but the council can prosecute if people are happy to provide a witness statement about anyone seen not picking up their dog's mess.

Irresponsible dog walkers face fines of up to £1,000.

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