Darren Cohen jailed after Gloucester knife slash attack

Knife victim, Eric Harrison Image copyright Gloucestershire Police
Image caption Eric Harrison was slashed across his face by Cohen in September 2015

A man who cut another man's face with a knife in a Gloucester bar has been handed a 14-and-a-half-year sentence.

Eric Harrison, was attacked when he had returned from London for a family christening. He was left with a permanent scar on his cheek.

Darren Cohen, 35, of no fixed address, was found guilty of the knife attack at the Gloucester Crown Court trial.

He was charged with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and a lesser charge of unlawful wounding.

During sentencing, the judge Michael Cullum said: "The man you hit was not your intended target. The injury to Eric is life-affecting and potentially life-changing; a 16cm scar visible from a distance.

"The injury and the affect on him is bound to be significant."

'Felt the burn'

The attack happened in September 2015 at the Zest bar in what police described as an "absolutely horrific" attack.

It is believed Mr Harrison mistakenly got in the way of Cohen's intended target who was Eric's brother, Simon Harrison.

Mr Harrison, said: "When I got from the floor to my feet, I felt the burn and the blood running down the side of my face and neck.

"I just can't believe what happened to me, I hadn't done anything."

Image copyright Gloucestershire Police
Image caption Cohen had previous convictions for a knife attack and carrying offensive weapons

Cohen's sentence will be made up of a nine-and-a-half-year custodial sentence, of which he will serve at least two-thirds.

In addition to that he will spend five years on extended licence as the judge deemed Cohen to be a danger to the public.

Reacting to the sentencing, Mr Harrison added: "The law has done their job.

"It's not nice for people to go out knowing that these things are going to occur, especially in a public place.

"People are going out to enjoy themselves."

Cohen, a father of three, has previous convictions for a knife attack and carrying offensive weapons.

Image caption Eric Harrison had returned home for a family christening when he was attacked in the nightclub

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