Liverpool football fan with head injury 'wants his final rest'

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Mr Justice Hayden said the football fan was "indicating that he wants to go"

A Liverpool football fan in a minimally-conscious state, who cries at the club's anthem, is showing he wants to die, a judge has ruled.

The man's mother believed her son no longer wanted to live.

The NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group had asked the judge to decide what was in his best interest.

The man, who cannot be identified, suffered a head injury in a road accident more than four years ago.

The case was analysed at the Court of Protection in London, where issues relating to people who do not have the capacity to make decisions for themselves are considered.

Mr Justice Hayden heard the man, who is in his 50s and unable to communicate, loved football and would cry when played You'll Never Walk Alone.

His family said they believed his crying was an expression of his sadness.

'Wants to go'

The injury had left the man in a "prolonged disorder of consciousness".

Initially specialists thought he was in permanent vegetative state, but his level of awareness had increased over the last year, and doctors thought he was now in a minimally-conscious state.

They thought he might live another eight years with food and water being provided through a tube, but believed it was "very unlikely" he would regain the ability to interact.

Delivering his ruling, Mr Justice Hayden said: "(His) mother says she thinks that he no longer wants to be here - that he wants, as she puts it, his final rest.

"I agree with his mother, that he is indicating that he wants to go.

"We are not really concerned here with the question of whether (he) should die or live.

"We are, if we address it properly and honestly, really concerned with the way he lives the rest of his life and in what circumstances."

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