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Portsmouth police in festive bus lane warning

Police will be out in force over the festive period trying to stop motorists from using a bus lanes in Portsmouth.
Officers will be patrolling known trouble-spots and stopping drivers to advise them of the safety risks.
The bus lane along Moneyfields Avenue in Baffins has been highlighted after an electronic barrier broke allowing motorists and cyclists to use the lane.
Police will also be using CCTV cameras to catch offenders over the Christmas period.
Pc Lee Gott, of Hampshire police, said that motorists who used the Moneyfields Avenue bus lane needed to "see the danger they are putting pedestrians in who use the area to walk down, especially at this time of year when it is darker during peak times of travel."
Insp Fiona Quade added: "We are urging irresponsible drivers to consider the repercussions of their actions when driving, so that no accidents happen and everyone has a safe and happy Christmas."

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