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Glue scam targets Hampshire cash machines

Scammers have targeted a number of cash machines across Hampshire, making off with hundreds of pounds.

At least 25 thefts are believed to have happened in the Portswood area of Southampton, Portsmouth and Hythe.

Thieves have stuck a strip of plastic smeared with glue into the area where money is dispensed to make it look like part of the machine.

Police said it was later removed with the money attached to it when customers presumed there had been a fault.

Detectives were alerted on 16 April after a customer discovered the scam at Barclays Bank in Portswood Broadway, Southampton.

Hampshire Police said the bank had been targeted at least 23 times since the end of March.

The largest amount taken using the scam was £300.

Other cash machines have been targeted in Portsmouth and in Hythe, where £350 was taken.

Insp Mark Lewis said some cash machines had a design which could be more easily targeted.

"We would recommend people always take care when withdrawing cash from any cash machine," he added.

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