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Maria Miller: What is her future in Basingstoke?

On Wednesday, Downing Street confirmed that Basingstoke MP Maria Miller had resigned as culture secretary.

The move followed a row over her expenses.

David Cameron has since defended the reputation of Parliament in the wake of the row.

BBC News asks the people of Ms Miller's constituency whether they think she has a future in the town.

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Karen Harper has lived in Basingstoke all her life

"I think she's handled it really appallingly. Very arrogantly, actually.

"I know they say she's disgraced the town but it seems that it's the political system that's the disgrace and to blame.

"One rule for them and one rule for the public.

"I think she should pay back the full amount. She should have commuted to London. I used to.

"People are so disillusioned with the political system.

"I think she should be deselected and I think she should go.

"I wouldn't vote for her in the future. I don't think she's trustworthy and that's a shame."

Tony Menday

"I don't think she's handled it very well.

"She's not the only one but it's disgusting. It's one rule for politicians and one rule for everyone else.

"I don't think it has reflected badly on the town but I do think she should go.

"I think she should stand down completely as an MP.

"The Tories should get rid of her. I wouldn't vote for her in the future."

Peter Dainty, taxi driver

"I've taken her home a couple of times but I've never seen her around Basingstoke.

"People in the town just think that she didn't handle the situation very well.

"I think I'm probably more upset about how politicians have this expenses issue.

"Maybe if you gave them proper salaries, it would do away with expenses. Maybe we should offer them accommodation like students?

"I don't have a view about her future in the town but she's like any politician - she's answerable to the electorate.

"She's improved things for women and gay marriage, but will they get clouded by what has happened?

"She could have made a better apology, been a little bit more contrite. She was a bit bullish."

Ann Aymes

"I don't think she's handled it particularly well.

"She should have resigned weeks ago. I just got worse for her.

"It's gone on so long and she's only paid a portion back, it's just getting worse.

"I have worked for big companies. If it had been me, I would have lost a pension or a company car. It's one rule for the politicians and one rule for the public.

"I don't think she should necessarily be deselected but I think she will be.

"I wouldn't vote for her in the future because of what's happened recently."

Elaine Still, Conservative councillor on Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

"I don't believe she should have gone.

"I just think the whole thing has been misunderstood right from the word go.

"I think Maria has handled it extremely well under the circumstances. I think there is a lack of understanding about this whole thing.

"Maria is a fantastic constituency MP.

"Conservatives are doing extremely well on the borough council, on Hampshire County Council.

"The services we offer are second to none - we keep the council tax low - so when people get to that ballot box they're going to reflect on that.

"People I've been talking to are very, very supportive of her."

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