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'Monster' wasp nests found in Basingstoke attic

Shane Jones with wasp Image copyright Shane Jones
Image caption Shane Jones called the nests "amazing"

A pest controller has revealed his "biggest find" after removing 10 huge wasp nests from a derelict building.

The "monster" nests, discovered by decorators in the attic of a 400-year-old house in Baughurst, Basingstoke, measured more than one metre in size.

Pest controller Shane Jones said there must have been at least 2,000 wasps living in the attic.

Mr Jones said normally the nests he removes are the size of a football but these reminded him of a "coral reef".

'Cool discovery'

He said: "The painters stuck their head in the loft yesterday and made a quick retreat after spotting the nests. Two of them were active and the rest old and at least one metre in size.

"They're some of the biggest we've seen."

"They must have been there for some time undisturbed.

"It was such a cool discovery, the nests are fascinating to look at with the engineering behind them."

Image copyright Shane Jones
Image caption Decorators discovered 10 wasp nests in the attic

Mr Jones said the owner of the property believed the house had been abandoned for some time and he was having it renovated.

The pest expert added he has had a busy start to the year with the first nest found at the beginning of May, two months earlier than last summer.

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