When an MP's call of nature is not in order

"Is it in order for me to go the loo?" Just one of the excuses Speaker Bercow says are used as a nudge to him, when MPs are keen to be allowed to speak in the House of Commons.

They sidle up to the Speaker's Chair, hoping the direct approach may work. But Speaker Bercow says it doesn't wash with him. "MPs ask.. Am I on your list? To which the answer is.. Yes, but you may still not be called."

At the start of today's historic debate and vote on the Repeal Bill 94 MPs had put their names down to speak.

He chose Basingstoke's Maria Miller to open proceedings and a six minutes limit was imposed, likely to shrink as the debate continued. The Speaker was keen to give all MPs a chance to put their opinions on the record.

His introduction to the debate set out clearly the little dodges that wouldn't work.

And as well as the question about calls of nature, John Bercow said desperate pleas to be called so the MP could escape to the tea-room would not go down well with him.