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'Saggy boobs' study seeks volunteers for bra research

Breast research Image copyright University of Portsmouth
Image caption Volunteers will have their breast movement analysed while on a treadmill.

A study into the science of saggy boobs - aiming to establish why "one bra design doesn't fit all" - is appealing for volunteers.

Using MRI scanners, researchers at the University of Portsmouth will analyse whether the proportion of fat and glandular tissue affects perkiness.

Participants will be paid £30 and asked to run on a treadmill while sensors monitor the movement of their breasts.

Scientists hope their findings will be used to develop new bra designs.

Leaders of the study, being held at the St Mary's NHS Treatment Centre in the city, said the work would offer new insights into variations in women's breasts.

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Senior Research Associate Dr Tim Blackmore said: "This research will be the first time scientists will have evidence on whether the density of breasts affects their movement.

"The results will allow us to better understand the demands different women's breasts put on bras and, for example, why one bra design won't work for every woman.

Image copyright University of Portsmouth
Image caption Researchers will gather data on the density of women's breasts

The university's Research Group in Breast Health works with lingerie manufacturers, the military, the NHS and other organisations to develop new bra designs.

Penny Daniels, hospital director at the treatment centre, said: "This is a worthwhile project, as not only may it allow greater comfort for women everywhere at the end of a very long day at work, but it may also reveal valuable insights into women's health and wellbeing."

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