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Boy needed stitches after Basingstoke park dog attack

Lucas Nicholls Image copyright Rusty Putt
Image caption Lucas Nicholls was already scared of dogs before the attack, his mother Rusty Putt said

A six-year-old boy suffered bite wounds to his face, body and hand when he was knocked off his bicycle and attacked by a dog in a Basingstoke park.

Lucas Nicholls was bitten several times by the six-month-old puppy during the attack off Brighton Way on Tuesday afternoon.

The dog, whose breed is not yet known, was seized by police and its owner, a 29-year-old woman, was arrested.

Lucas was in the park with his mother, Rusty Putt and two brothers.

Ms Putt, 29, said it was "quite small and did not look aggressive".

Image copyright Rusty Putt
Image caption Lucas Nicholls suffered bite wounds to his collarbone area, face, neck and hand

A man passing by pulled the dog off Lucas and a police officer patrolling in the park also came to help.

Ms Putt said: "I blame the owner. She didn't try to intervene even though she was right there.

"To be honest she seemed shocked too. But I blame her all the way. She is responsible for the dog and for controlling it."

A police spokeswoman said the owner was held on suspicion of having a dog dangerously out of control.

She has since be de-arrested, but but will be questioned further.

The dog remains in secure kennels.

Image copyright Rusty Putt

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