Hereford & Worcester

School coach pelted with objects in Worcestershire

Children travelling in a coach were lucky not to have been killed or badly injured when youths threw bricks or large stones at it, police said.

The 36 pupils, from Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire, were returning from holiday and were travelling through Hallow when their coach was struck.

Three side windows were damaged when youths threw the objects from the A443 during the evening of 23 July.

Police are asking parents if they knew where their sons were that night.

West Mercia Police said the stones caused £3,000 of damage to the coach.

"Everyone on board was deeply traumatised although, thankfully, no-one was injured," a spokesman said.

"The consequences of what these youths did could have been extremely serious and even fatal."

He said ideally he would like the youths to come forward, but in the meantime was asking parents where their children were at 2130 BST that night.