Worcester students in fee rise protest

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Students in Worcester have protested over proposed university tuition fee rises.

Tuition fees are set to rise to a maximum of £9,000 a year from the present level of £3,290.

The protest outside the city's Guildhall was part of a nationwide campaign ahead of a House of Commons vote on the plans.

Michael Collins, president of Worcester University's students' union, said there was deep anger across the county.

Mr Collins said: "Nine thousand pounds just feels wrong.

"After knowing what £3,000 is like, and being in debt until you're 30 or 40 - there's something wrong about having the same education and being in debt until you're 50 or 60.

"There's something inherently wrong in that."

Ministers have announced new concessions to their proposals ahead of Thursday's vote. They say the proposals are fair and will safeguard the future of England's universities.

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