Malvern high-speed broadband 'good for businesses'


High-speed broadband in a Worcestershire town will help new and existing firms, according to Malvern Hills District Council.

BT says businesses and 14,800 homes in Malvern will get the quicker broadband by the end of 2012.

Simon Smith, from the council, said it could attract more firms to the area.

"If someone is coming here they want to be reassured they are going to be able to access decent broadband," he said.

The super-fast broadband, using 'fibre to street cabinet' technology, offers much faster download and upload speeds.

A music track can be downloaded in about two seconds, an album in 30 seconds and a feature length high-definition movie in 10 minutes.

Mr Smith, who is the council's economic development manager, also believes that existing businesses may find it easier to expand once the faster broadband is available.

"I understand that banks now do actually look at the availability of broadband when they look at agreeing loans to business expansion, so it is part of a picture where people want to see what's available in an area.

"Having a good broadband infrastructure is very important for that," he added.

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