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Worcester seagull population soars on takeaway diet

Seagull numbers have risen in Worcester because people are not disposing of their take-away leftovers properly, the city council said.

It has spent £5,000 per year for the past five years on schemes to reduce the gull population in the city centre.

The council said its efforts were being undermined by people dumping half-eaten takeaways in the streets.

It said the birds were attracted by a ready food supply and had been known to attack people and bin bags for food.

Some birds' eggs have been painted with oil to prevent them hatching and others were replaced with dummy eggs to try to control the gull population.

The council said it would not cull the birds because other seagulls would move in to take their place, as long as the food supply remained abundant.

A council spokesman said: "The message is simple: if you want fewer seagulls, please help by keeping our city centre free of waste food."

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