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UKIP expels homophobic councillor Dave Small


A councillor has been expelled from UKIP amid allegations about racist and homophobic Facebook comments.

Dave Small was suspended after allegedly calling African migrants "scroungers" and Clare Balding and Sir Elton John "perverts".

He told BBC Hereford and Worcester he made the remarks a few years ago but stressed his views remained the same and he had no regrets.

UKIP MEP James Carver said his opinions did not reflect those of the party.

'Never apologise'

Mr Small admitted he is homophobic but claims he is not racist as he has "a lot of black friends".

"Eastern Europeans are everywhere - you can't move for them," he said.

"It's the same as in Redditch now, most of the bus drivers are from Poland and nearly all the taxi drivers are Pakistanis."

Asked why that was a problem, he replied: "because it's getting worse".

Mr Small, who was elected to Redditch Borough Council's Church Hill ward on Friday, said his views had been influenced by the ways his teachers spoke when he was at school.

He refused to apologise for what he had posted on Facebook and said he would not change a word of what he had written.

Mr Small said he would not resign as a councillor and was confident he would still get support.

Mr Carver confirmed Mr Small had been expelled after giving a "shocking interview" to the BBC.

A spokesman for the party said: "He has now been expelled for clearly bringing the party in to disrepute."

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