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Court backs funding for Malvern Gypsy family's Down's child

The Court of Appeal has told a council it must give support to a Gypsy family who have a child with Down's Syndrome, even if they travel out of the area.

Worcestershire County Council (WCC) decided the four-year old was entitled to five hours nursery care a week.

But it told the family, who work on fairgrounds around the UK for ten months of the year, to claim from the local authority where they were living.

The Appeal Court has upheld a judge's ruling in 2013 that WCC must pay.

A council spokesperson said: "Whilst we felt we had legitimate grounds on which to base our appeal, we respect the decision of the court in reaching this conclusion."

The council said it will "fulfil our responsibilities" in relation to the family, who are based in Malvern.

Anna Moore, a lawyer who represented the family, said: "The case has the potential to assist the many children in need who move between areas for whatever reason, including children from gypsy traveller communities and abducted or runaway children."

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