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Hull man fined over metal detector use on Greek beach

image captionMr Douglas was on holiday in Crete with his wife and son when he was arrested
A Hull man has told how he was arrested by Greek police and detained for 15 hours after he broke the law by using a metal detector on a beach on Crete.
Paul Douglas said he was held in a cell, fined 87 Euros (£72) and given a 20-month suspended sentence after searching a beach at Malia for Euros.
He said he was unaware that Greek law prohibits people from using metal detectors without a permit.
The legislation states that ancient artefacts must be protected.
Mr Douglas, who was on holiday with his wife and son, said: "I was escorted from the premises and taken back to my apartment, where I had to get my passport.
"About two or three hours I realised that I had actually been arrested."
Mr Douglas said next time he would be staying closer to home, and gave this advice to other metal detector enthusiasts: "Go to Bridlington. It's got a lovely beach. "

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