Bridlington care home nurse who slept on duty suspended

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A nurse who was recorded snoring when she should have been looking after residents at an East Yorkshire care home has been suspended for a year.

Carole Spencer, 55, also allowed staff at Bessingby Hall Residential Nursing Home in Bridlington to doze off, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard.

A care assistant photographed her sleeping and recorded her snoring.

The council said Spencer regularly slept on duty and this could have had "serious consequences" for patients.

Winsome Levy, chairman of the council's conduct and competence committee panel, said: "She was in charge of night shifts in a care home, with up to 51 elderly, vulnerable patients.

"Some of them were terminally ill, two were unconscious, and they all needed constant care."

Spencer, who had worked at the home since October 2006, would "usually" get her head down in the early hours and would often be joined by other nurses and care assistants.

On one occasion, the night of 18 January 2008, every member of staff took a nap at the same time.

After being reported to managers, Spencer complained that she was being "singled out" and claimed "they all do it".

In a letter to the council, Spencer said she had "no cares" about the case and denounced the accusations as "lies".

"She has consistently denied the allegations, and has shown no insight, regret or remorse," said the panel chairman.

"She continues to seek to blame others.

"Her misconduct put her patients at risk and would undermine public confidence in the profession."

Spencer could return to work only if she "changed her attitude, showed insight, and remedied her practice", she added.

Spencer, from Bridlington, was found guilty of misconduct by sleeping on duty between September 2007 and February 2008, and by allowing staff to sleep between 4 October 2006 and 20 February 2008.

She did not attend the hearing in London.

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