Hull lollipop man asked to remove 'thank you' sign

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A lollipop man in Hull has been told to stop using a "thank you" sign he displays to motorists while helping children cross the road.

Phil Boreham waves the sign strapped to his hand as an acknowledgment to drivers while carrying out his duties on the city's Princes Street.

But Hull City Council has told him he must remove it as it is illegal and is distracting motorists.

A spokeswoman said the safety of children and road users was a priority.

Mr Boreham said he did not want to talk to the BBC about the issue.

'Causing a commotion'

But some parents of children who regularly cross the road with the help of Mr Boreham said they were angry at the decision.

One woman said: "I think it is ridiculous. He is doing a good job in the community and I don't see why he should be asked to stop using a prop. I think it's a bit silly."

Helen Rooms, operational transport manager at Hull City Council, said: "We appreciate that this school crossing patrol officer is showing his appreciation to motorists and wants to thank them for their patience."

She explained that this could be done in other ways, such as "a nod of the head or wave of the hand, rather than carrying this sign".

"It is illegal for crossing patrol staff to carry any signs other than their lollipop, as they can cause a distraction for motorists and we have to ensure the safety of road users and children crossing the road.

"This sign has been causing quite a commotion on a busy road at peak times, so we have asked him to stop using it."

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