Great Coates Village Council votes no to Christmas tree

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More than 140 people have signed a petition against the parish council's decision

Residents in a North East Lincolnshire village have started a petition after councillors voted against putting up a Christmas tree this year.

For the last three years the tree has been erected in Great Coates and marks the start of village festivities.

Village council clerk Kath Nunn said a majority of councillors voted against having a tree at the last meeting.

Dawn Stewart said: "I'm very upset... It's the one thing that the village can have and can be brought together with."

The decision to deprive the village of a tree brought criticism on air from Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans.

Having heard the news, the breakfast show presenter said: "Who votes no to a Christmas tree? Answer: A Scrooge."

More than 140 people have now signed a petition which was started by Great Coates Young People's Council.

A member of the council said: "We think it's clear the people of the village want this Christmas tree and feel passionately about it to put their name down."

Ms Nunn said she was uncertain as to why councillors decided to withdraw the tree, which with lights would have cost just under £1,000.

She said: "It did surprise me as we've had a tree for the last three years. We have a night where we have a carol concert around it, Santa comes as well and it's always really well supported with more than 200 people coming along."

Ms Nunn said the village council was meeting again on Tuesday night but unless she received notice from five councillors to reopen the debate, the decision could not be reversed.

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