East Yorkshire villages' power cut off for tree pruning

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The electricity company says the power has to be cut to allow tree cutting to go ahead safely

Residents in two East Yorkshire villages have criticised an electricity supplier for cutting off their power for a day to allow trees to be trimmed.

Power firm YEDL cut supplies to Rawcliffe on 11 December. Supplies to Pollington will be cut on 17 December.

Pollington resident Kevin Daniels said: "Nobody in their right mind would turn a village off in the middle of winter just to do some tree pruning."

YEDL said the safety work was necessary at all times of the year.

Power supplies in Rawcliffe were off between 0830 GMT and 1700 GMT on 11 December. They will be off during the same period in Pollington on Friday.

'Very, very cold'

Mr Daniels told BBC News: "It's a week before Christmas and I just don't see the sense in it. It's ludicrous."

His wife Bianca said: "We won't be able to have any hot food and no heating.

"If the weather allows us to get out we'll have to go out and have a main meal because you need to keep warm and it's very, very cold in this house."

YEDL's head of connections delivery Geoff Earl said the company would do all it could to keep disruption to a minimum, but the tree-trimming work had to be done.

"We need to cut back trees because we are always trying to ensure the network stays safe and reliable," he said.

"We certainly don't choose to do this type of work at this time of year if we can at all help it.

"But the fact is it is a 365-day-a-year operation and this work is necessary."

He said YEDL kept a register of vulnerable customers and would help them "where we can".

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