East Yorkshire cycling dangers caught on camera

A cyclist from East Yorkshire is using a camera built in to his sunglasses to capture the danger of riding on the road.

Simon Mason, 53, an industrial chemist from Anlaby, decided to take action after he was knocked off his bike.

Since July he has recorded more than 200 hours of footage, some of which he has posted on his website.

Many of the videos, filmed during Mr Mason's daily commute, show near misses with cars, buses and pedestrians.

He said: "As cycling becomes more popular, drivers are becoming more in tune with it. But there are a hardcore number of drivers who are oblivious to cyclists."

Mr Mason, who cycles about 170 miles each week, is among a growing number of cyclists who have turned to filming their trips using mobile camera devices.

Last year cyclist Paul Brown from Brough, East Yorkshire, captured on film the moment a police car appeared to cut in front of him. He claimed he was lucky enough not to be hit by the vehicle, which overtook him as he approached a junction.

"Ultimately, I hope I never have to use this footage to get compensation... but it's like an insurance policy," said Mr Mason.

Despite the risks, he also said he wants to encourage the positive aspects of cycling and aims to show that using two wheels is still "a great form of transport".

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