North Yorkshire hot-air balloon crash victim 'not put off'

A man who was on board a hot-air balloon when it crashed on to power cables in North Yorkshire has said he would go on another flight.

John Newstead, 61, from Pocklington, East Yorkshire, was left with a black eye after the balloon was dragged 200 yards by a gust of wind as it came in to land.

All 10 passengers and the pilot escaped without serious injury.

The operator of the flight said it was investigating the cause of the crash.

Describing the moment the balloon hit the power cables, 61-year-old Mr Newstead said: "There was an almighty bump and we went over the embankment, which we didn't realise until afterwards, drifted for another 100 yards or so and then we stopped.

"After a few moments we could hear a few crackles and bangs and he [the pilot] said 'you can come out now'.

"We could've all been electrocuted, we could've drowned had the balloon gone another few feet."

Mr Newstead, who was on his first balloon trip, said: "I would certainly do it again and I can't wait to get up there with the same pilot. He treated us all wonderfully, he did so well to avoid a catastrophe."

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