Winds bring down trees hitting roofs and a taxi in Hull

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Media captionThe strong gusts of winds brought down trees in Hull on Sunday afternoon

Strong winds whipped through parts of East Yorkshire on Sunday bringing down trees and blocking roads.

Humberside Police said that trees had been blown down and roofs damaged in the Hopewell Road area of east Hull.

Insp Steve Beveridge said the force had been "busy all day" dealing with problems caused by localised strong winds and rainfall.

In one instance a tree was blown down on to a taxi but there were no serious injuries.

Mr Beveridge said: There has been lots of rain which has meant localised flooding and with that we've also had localised strong winds.

"In the Hopewell Road area of Hull there are trees down and roofs have been damaged."

He said the force control room was aware that "one or two cars had been damaged" but added he was not aware of any injuries.

Martin Stephenson was waiting for a taxi when a tree fell on the vehicle.

Trees 'snapped'

He said: "We were waiting for the taxi which had just come to pick us up.

"We heard the wind picking up and all the fence panels, they flew off - I've never seen anything like it.

"And then it just hit, unbelievable.

"I was out here and my missus was in the car and then it just happened - in about 15 seconds."

He added: "My wife was in the car and she's just got slight head injuries - she's being seen to at the hospital now.

"I think she's more shook up than anything - and the driver.

"They were lucky, very lucky.

"It snapped them (trees) like twigs, I've seen anything like it before."

The Met Office said despite claims by some residents that a tornado had struck this was unlikely, but there have been funnel clouds which can cause strong localised winds and serious damage.

Image caption Martin Stevenson said his wife had a lucky escape when a tree fell on the taxi she was sitting in
Image caption Martin Stevenson said the wind began to swirl and then the tree was blown down landing on a taxi

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