Stabbed pregnant woman's ex claims she 'attacked him'

A man accused of stabbing his pregnant ex-girlfriend five times in the stomach changed his police statement claiming she tried to attack him, a jury heard.

Lauren Oliver was seven months pregnant when the alleged attack took place in Belton, North Lincolnshire, on 11 June.

Nicholas Leaning, 28, denies attempted murder, wounding with intent and attempting to destroy the life of a child at Hull Crown Court.

He denied being at her house but later admitted to police he was there.

A police transcript was read out in court by the prosecution barrister and police inspector.

'Pushed her away'

In his statement, Mr Leaning, of Torbay Court, Scunthorpe, told police he wanted to talk to Ms Oliver about why she was telling his new girlfriend that he had got other women pregnant.

He said Ms Oliver went to attack him with a knife, so he pushed her away and left.

He also admitted asking his father to lie and give him an alibi.

The jury heard from several witnesses who saw Ms Oliver shortly after the alleged attack, which both she and her baby survived.

They described how they saw her holding her stomach, saying she had been stabbed by her ex-boyfriend and she was sure her baby had been killed.

One witness, neighbour Alison Porter, told the jury she had seen a man in black standing at Ms Oliver's house and bending across the doorway, before running away.

"His feet were outside but he was leaning into the house. I couldn't see what he was doing," she said.

"I threw my computer and breakfast on the floor and ran to unlock and open the front door to run across to Lauren."

The defence questioned why she failed to mention seeing Mr Leaning at the house at the time in her police statement, which was read out in court.

The trial continues.

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