Cod Wars fishing vessels to exchange bells in cooperation gesture

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Arctic Corsair's bell is due to be exchanged with that of the Icelandic vessel, the Oddin in a gesture of cooperation

The bells of two fishing vessels which were involved in the Cod Wars are to be exchanged in a gesture of cooperation.

Hull trawler Arctic Corsair was rammed by the Odinn when Iceland imposed a limit on how much fish could be caught in its waters in the 1970s.

Ex-fishermen and civic leaders from Hull are heading to Iceland on Wednesday for a four-day trip to meet veterans from the Icelandic boat.

Hull City Council said it would "offer a hand of friendship from both sides".

Icelandic councillor Elsa Yeoman, chairperson of culture and tourism in Reykjavik, said: "Reykjavik and Hull share a long history based on the importance of fishing.

"Now, with the rivalries of the past squarely behind us the two cities engage in a relationship based on respect, friendship and trust that is deeply rooted in our shared history - and sacrifices to the sea."

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A team of ex-fishermen and civic leaders are heading on a four-day trip to Iceland on Wednesday

Councillor Terry Geraghty said: "For many years fishing vessels from all over the world exploited the rich waters around Iceland and this special visit will offer a hand of friendship from both sides of the Cod Wars."

The trip is also part of a project by Hull Museums on the history between Iceland and the UK during and after the Cod Wars, the authority said.

Assistant Curator Tom Goulder said: "An important part of the trip for the Hull ex-fisherman is the chance to reflect with Icelandic counterparts on the relationship between the two countries and the shared history of lives lost at sea."

According to National Historic Ships UK, Arctic Corsair broke the world record for landing the most Cod and Haddock fish from the White Sea in 1973.