Grimsby's Victoria Mill silo bought for £1 by council

Victoria Mills Image copyright Google
Image caption Councillor David Watson said it was "a dominant feature on the skyline for miles around"

A grade II-listed building in Grimsby has been bought by the council for a nominal sum of £1.

The silo building at Victoria Mill has been brought into public ownership by North East Lincolnshire Council.

It has spent more than £2m on repairs since February 2016 after movement in one of the building's turrets.

Councillor David Watson said it was "an important part of the town's history and a dominant feature on the skyline for miles around".

The council has reached an agreement with CPG Investments Ltd, the owner of the building.

The work being done on the silo is due to be completed in May, the authority said.

Residents in other parts of the complex had to move out temporarily in 2016 due to safety concerns.

It is not yet known what it will be used for although it could "improve the borough's maritime heritage offer", the council added.

Previous planning permission to convert the silo part of the Victorian flour mill complex into residential property has lapsed.

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