Man run over at Hull petrol station 'thought he would die'

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Media captionJamie Topliss-Yates was run over as he walked across the forecourt

A man who suffered a broken pelvis when he was run over at speed on a petrol station forecourt has said he is "upset" the driver was not jailed.

Jamie Topliss-Yates was struck by a car driven by Zaid Bhamji at the BP garage in Chanterlands Avenue in Hull.

Bhamji, 21, received a six-month suspended prison sentence after admitting dangerous driving.

Mr Topliss-Yates said he feared the incident had left him with long-term health issues.

His head struck the car windscreen as he was thrown over the top of the vehicle and he is waiting to have a brain scan to see if there is any neurological injury.

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Mr Topliss-Yates said he had no chance to avoid the car and thought he was going to die.

"Literally the last thing that went through my head before I actually hit the car was to try and brace myself and try and jump on to the bonnet," he said.

Image caption Mr Topliss-Yates said of the sentence that "a few months inside would have made him stop and think"

Bhamji was sentenced at Hull Magistrates' Court last week over the incident, which happened on 14 January.

It was estimated he was driving at between 20mph and 30mph.

Mr Topliss-Yates said he would have liked to have seen the driver jailed as "a few months inside would have made him stop and think".

"I was angry for a while because it seemed such a pointless thing to do," he said.

"It upset me a little bit that the sentence was a suspended one, because you can't drive at that speed across a petrol station forecourt and think that that's OK."

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