Humber Bridge rescue earns bravery award

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Michelle TockImage source, Michelle Tock
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Michelle Tock has received a chief constable's commendation for her actions on the Humber Bridge

A couple on their first date helped to save a man threatening to jump from the Humber Bridge.

Michelle Tock, 40, from Orchard Park, Hull, has been given a bravery award for her part in the rescue.

She was walking her dogs with her date in March when the couple found a man on the other side of the railings.

Humberside Chief Constable Lee Freeman said: "There is no doubt the 35 minutes Michelle spent with the man prevented him from taking his own life."

Ms Tock said she met a man called Ian at the bridge for their first date.

"I wanted him to meet the dogs to see if they'd get along," she said.

"As we were walking across we saw a guy on the other side of the railings just hanging on and looking down."

They quickly realised it was not a prank.

"Ian and I just looked at each other and said 'This can't be happening'."

They worked as a team for over half an hour to persuade the man to leave the bridge.

"I can't remember exactly how it all happened because the adrenaline was pumping," said Ms Tock,

"I just talked to him about anything that wasn't to do with what was going on, while Ian discreetly called 999 on his phone and kept his phone in his pocket so they could hear what was going on."

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The man was persuaded to leave the Humber Bridge and go to where specially-trained police officers were waiting

The man eventually agreed to walk with them off the bridge, where specially trained police were waiting to help.

Ms Tock said she now wanted to use the experience to help her raise awareness of mental health issues.

If you need support with mental health, help is available at BBC Action Line.

It is believed Ms Tock's date did not want publicity. The couple are no longer dating.

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