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Election results: Tories win North East Lincolnshire

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image captionThe Conservatives have taken over from Labour, who ran the council with Lib Dem support

The Conservatives have gained control of North East Lincolnshire Council for the first time since the authority was formed.

Labour had previously run the council with Liberal Democrat support as no party had a majority.

The Conservative group leader Philip Jackson said it was "excellent news" and "fantastic".

Elsewhere in East Yorkshire and north Lincolnshire, Labour have held on to Hull.

Nationally, both the Conservatives and Labour have been losing seats as voters punished them over Brexit.

Mr Jackson said the Tories in North East Lincolnshire "managed to disengage national politics from what was happening locally".

"We didn't talk about Brexit on the doorstep and the local party has been very united and we have not had any disagreements among ourselves," he said.

"We put up a united front."

The council was formed in 1996 and it is the first time the Conservatives have won a majority.

A third of North East Lincolnshire seats were being contested.

Labour lost six of the seats it was defending, while the Conservatives gained five and UKIP took one.

The new council sees the Conservatives on 23, Labour 14, Liberal Democrat 4 and UKIP 1.

image captionHull's Labour leader said he was "pleased" people had continued to put "their trust" in the party

In the City of Hull, Labour held control, but council leader Stephen Brady said he was concerned about low turnouts.

In the North Carr Ward it was just 13.9% of registered voters, while Orchard Park had 15.5%.

"It is disheartening," Mr Brady said.

"But in a lot of senses it is understandable, in the areas that need the most help they feel they are not being listened to nationally."

The Conservatives have retained control of East Riding of Yorkshire, taking 49 of the 67 seats. Labour lost all six of the seats it was defending.

In North Lincolnshire, the Conservatives strengthened their hold by gaining one seat from Labour.

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