Yorkshire flood damage 'will take a lot of recovery'

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Kevin Lorryman standing in front of his submerged bungalowImage source, PA Media
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Kevin Lorryman said he does not "want anyone to go through this again"

The owner of a bungalow left submerged by flooding has said the "huge" damage caused to more than 90 East Yorkshire homes "will take a lot of recovery".

Kevin Lorryman's home is among dozens in Snaith and East Cowick that were inundated last week when the River Aire overtopped after heavy rainfall.

It was completely engulfed with only the solar panelled-roof visible above the 9ft (3m) deep muddy floodwater.

He said he did not want scores of other flood victims to be forgotten.

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The council said a total of 93 homes had been flooded in the area

"I just want people to think about all the other people around here who have been affected," Mr Lorryman, 56, said.

"They are all in the same situation I am in. Even those who've just had a few inches, it's caused a huge amount of damage and it will take a lot of recovery."

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council estimated 65 properties in East Cowick were affected and 23 flooded in Snaith, while another 30 homes in West Cowick at risk.

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Catherine Lorryman asks a BBC cameraman to fly over her home to see the damage

Mr Lorryman, who is now living in a caravan, said the home he lived in with his wife, daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren might have to be completely demolished, but was hoping to use his insurance money to build another house on slightly higher ground on his land.

"Going forward, there needs to be action taken at a much higher level to prevent this happening again," he said.

"And we need to build flood resilience in. I don't want my family to go through this again. I don't want anyone to go through this again."

He praised the emergency response and added: "Everyone here has been brilliant."

The council said water was being pumped to the River Don and a series of trenches had been dug, which meant levels dropped about 12 inches (30cm).

It said it was continuing to "provide a high level of support" to those affected.

Image source, PA Media
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The Lorrymans are facing the prospect of their submerged home having to be completely demolished

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