CCTV man commended after Ramsgate shooting


A CCTV operator has received a commendation from the High Sheriff of Kent after tracking a gunman following a shooting in December.

Andrew Selfridge, of Thanet District Council's CCTV team, alerted police after witnessing a man being shot in the face in Ramsgate.

Mr Selfridge tracked the gunman to an address, allowing officers to arrest him. The man was later jailed.

Judge Nash at Canterbury Crown Court nominated Mr Selfridge for the award.

'Embarrassed and humbled'

He was commended for the "prompt, efficient and professional manner in which he acted.

Mr Selfridge said: "Naturally, it's always nice to be recognised for your work, but I felt slightly embarrassed and humbled to be awarded the High Sheriff of Kent's commendation.

"All of the CCTV operators can regale you with tales of the things they've seen, some of them funny, some horrific and some that just make you wonder.

"I think the award is more a reflection on the work we do as a team in CCTV, than my specific efforts."

The victim in the attack received a puncture wound 2mm below his eye but did not lose his sight.

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