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Kent treadmill runner Mimi Anderson breaks world record

image captionMimi Anderson beat the female world record of 395 miles on a treadmill in seven days

A grandmother from Kent has broken the world record for a distance run in seven days on a treadmill.

Ultra-runner Mimi Anderson, 48, from Smarden, made the attempt at the Ashford Designer Outlet, running just over 403 miles during the last week.

She averaged just two hours sleep a night during the challenge, in which she raised money for the charity, Help for Heroes.

She beat the female world record of 395 miles.

Ms Anderson, who is the only woman to have run across the Arctic, which she did in under six days, said she was really pleased with her achievement.

"Disappointed that I didn't do as well as I could've done because of my stress fracture and not feeling well, but I got the world record so that's what counted," she said.

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