Teenager rescued after ice cracks on Tonbridge pond

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A 14-year-old girl has been rescued from the middle of a frozen pond in Kent after the ice started to crack.

The teenager had ventured onto the pond in Darenth Avenue, Tonbridge, on Thursday to retrieve her mobile phone.

She managed to get to an island in the middle, but was plunged into the frozen water when the ice gave way, forcing her to cling to the roots of a tree.

Firefighters rescued the girl after a local resident heard her screams and rushed to her aid, throwing her a rope.

Fire crews wearing dry suits and buoyancy aids inflated a rescue path, which they pushed onto the ice to reach the girl.

'Very lucky'

She was taken to hospital suffering from hypothermia and shock following the incident, which happened at about 1530 GMT.

Watch manager Martin Rowland said: "While ice can appear thick enough to support a person's weight, it can give way very easily.

"This girl was very lucky, the water is extremely cold and she was obviously very upset and frightened, but the consequences of her escapade could have been tragic."

He added: "I would ask all parents to remind their children how dangerous it can be venturing on ice.

"It's very hard to judge, it may look safe but it isn't so don't attempt to walk or stand on it."

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