Lamberhurst flood defences completed

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Flood defences to protect 27 properties which lies in a river valley in a Kent village have been completed.

Tunbridge Wells Council said the most at-risk properties in Lamberhurst had a 20% chance of flooding in any one year, before the defences were put in place.

Work included installing door barriers, self-closing air vents, non-return valves for domestic drains and pumps to remove flood water.

The village, in the valley of the River Teise, has been flooded in the past.

Engineering officer Lene Beynon said all the properties affected were in the conservation area of the village and work had taken place to ensure the measures were right for the listed buildings.

Residents in the properties have all been trained on how to use the equipment.

Funds for the work came from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

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