Port of Dover Police granted power to act across Kent

The Port of Dover Police has obtained new powers allowing it to act anywhere in Kent in investigations relating to the port.

Previously its constables were only allowed to act on land owned by the harbour board and one mile beyond.

However, the Marine Navigation Act 2013 has allowed Kent Police to grant permission to the port's force.

Tim Waggott, chief executive of the port, said the force had previously been "hampered" in investigations.

The Marine Navigation Act 2013 came into force on 26 June, with Kent Police granting permission on 4 July.

Supt Paul Wilczek, who is the chief officer of the Port of Dover Police, said he was grateful for the support of Kent Police in allowing his force to carry out its duties "within our home county".

He said: "The legislation allows the Port of Dover Police to act completely independently and now far more efficiently.

"We are committed to keeping our customers and stakeholders safe and the extension of our jurisdiction will significantly enhance our ability to bring offenders to justice."

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