Private company to fine Tunbridge Wells litterers

A private company will help enforce litter laws in a Kent town.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, which spends £1.2m per year on street cleaning, has decided to use a contractor.

Last year it only issued 50 fixed penalty notices for litter dropping, compared to Maidstone which uses a private company and issued 4,000.

It is believed this could generate up to £50,000 in extra revenue, with more people being fined.

Paul Barrington-King, who is the cabinet member with responsibility for litter, said: "We've only got three enforcement officers out there covering a whole range of environmental crimes.

"We only issued 50 fixed penalty notices for litter dropping. If you look at Maidstone... they saw fixed penalty notices rising to 4,000.

"[The company would provide] another four [officers] who will concentrate on litter dropping and dogs' mess."

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