'Orphan' stowaway hid in Channel Tunnel passenger's car

Sue Taber discovered the man in her car when she arrived home

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A stowaway claiming to be an orphan "unfolded himself" from behind the front seat of a woman's Fiat Panda as she returned to England through the Channel Tunnel.

Sue Taber, of Shepherdswell in Kent, said the man jumped up as her dog went "berserk" in the back of the car.

"All he kept saying was 'I'm an orphan, I'm an orphan'. I told him to get lost and he did," Ms Taber said.

Police said a man was later detained and passed to immigration officials.

'Looking for ball'

Ms Taber, who travelled back to the UK on Eurotunnel on Thursday morning, believes the man may have gained access to her car when she checked her two dogs in at the Pet Reception in Calais.

She told BBC Radio Kent: "This boy must have been 18 to 20. I don't know how he managed to fit in the car.

"My dog was going berserk but I thought she was looking for a ball, and I kept feeling somebody or something - somebody now I know - nudge me in the back.

"I immediately called the police because I was more frightened about what he was going to do. I can't believe that it happened."

Migrants queue for food in Calais, France (5 August 2014) Calais has been a magnet for migrants hoping to get to the UK for much of the last decade

A spokesman for Kent Police said: "Officers located a man in the Shepherdswell area and he has been transferred to the Home Office Immigration Enforcement for them to take any further action."


Ms Taber said she had taken security precautions throughout her journey home from Spain.

She said: "I was paranoid driving back by myself so everywhere I stopped I clicked the door locked.

"If I stopped for a half hour break I'd stop where there was light outside the petrol station so I wasn't going to get hijacked.

"The only place that I think it could have happened was when I took my dogs out of the car to have their passports checked at Calais.

"It's the only place I might not have locked the car."

Eurotunnel said that, for the first time, it is to issue guidance to its customers at Calais to help them avoid falling victim to migrants who might try to smuggle their way into the UK by hiding in their vehicles.

Director of public affairs, John Keefe, said: "From this week we are starting to do this...it's a brand new phenomenon that migrants are targeting passenger services, whereas previously it was just trucks."

"We're telling them to be vigilant themselves, lock their cars and not park up in unlit areas."

On Wednesday about 235 illegal migrants tried to force their way on to a ferry at Calais, according to officials and witnesses.

The migrants were detained by French Police.

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