Sussex Police warning over super-strength drugs

Extra strong drugs causing overdoses and deaths Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Sussex Police has issued a warning about super-strong cocaine and heroin

An extra-strong batch of heroin and cocaine being sold in a seaside resort is said to have caused two deaths.

Police in Eastbourne, East Sussex, said in these deaths - and other overdoses since April - the cocaine was found to be nearly 100% pure.

Officers are warning drug users about the strong batches and said it can be "difficult" to prosecute dealers.

Det Isnp Neil Ralph said: "Often the only person who knows the source of the drug is deceased."

He added: "Taking drugs in any form is dangerous, particularly when the user does not know the purity of the drug."

The drugs are understood to be up to double the strength of standard street cocaine, as the purity tends to deteriorate as the drugs pass through the supply chain and other dilutents are added in to make it go further.

Drop-in sessions are now being held around the town to help warn people.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) mortality rates relating to cocaine have increased for four years in a row, with the majority of fatalities occurring in men aged 30 to 49.

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