Gang ransacks disabled man's Lancaster home

A 65-year-old disabled man was assaulted by a gang of robbers while they ransacked his Lancaster home and stole his holiday money.

Peter Tallon told the BBC that his attackers repeatedly threatened to stab him while they pushed his face into the carpet at his flat in the city's Ridge area. He was left with bruising.

He described the men as "scum" and said he had not been able to eat since the robbery on Tuesday night.

Police have appealed for information.

Mr Tallon, who walks with a stick and suffers from gout, said that on Tuesday night he first heard a knock on the door followed by a tap on the window.

He said: "All I could see was a figure then a hand beckoned me so I went to the door, opened it and me being a silly old fool I didn't have the chain on.

"They then barged in and came straight at me, pushed me to the floor and flattened me.

Still terrified

"As I fell they twisted me round which is where the bruising has come from.

"One of them sat on me and said, 'We know you have money in the house'."

He said he told them he had a "few bob" in his bedroom.

After stealing Mr Tallon's money, they pushed his legs to one side and fled the house.

They also stole his keys, locking his front door behind them.

Mr Tallon said he was still terrified and said he has had a few "little cries" following the incident.

He said he had been hoping to go on a coach trip at Christmas but said it now looked unlikely that he would be able to.

"They are contemptible, I just want them caught."

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